About Green At Heart​


Green at Heart as a business that aims:


 -  promote food therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

 -  green earth, green living

 -  explore different cultures through food

 -  support arts and cultural events



Green at Heart started in 2007, we had two retail shops from 2008 to 2016 at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) and Yuen Long Fairview Park.  We import from the USA and Taiwan a comprehensive range of organic and natural groceries.


Since 2016 we focus on importing certified-organic fresh fruits and vegetables, e.g. tomato, beetroot, carrot, onion from Holland, pumpkin, orange, lemon, sweet potato from Spain, apple, blood orange, kiwi from Italy, ginger, bananas from Peru, TOTALLING MORE THAN 40 KINDS.


Future Development


Besides importing, we will be launching 5-8 kinds of soups, 4 kinds of sorbet etc. using our imported organic ingredients and our own recipes.  All of them MADE IN HONG KONG, mostly VEGAN, all LOW GI, in environmental-friendly packaging as much as possible. All recipes are developed by the owner Peggy using very simple cooking, NO SALT in soups, NO SUGAR in sorbets, and only one kind or few kinds of ingredients to stand out the extraordinary flavours and aroma of the main ingredient.


Food Therapy

From fresh produce to groceries, all are selected by Peggy, who is an advocate of food therapy based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Between 2011 and 2018 she took various diploma and certificate courses in food therapy. Many times she is much amazed by the wonders of how simple food is the easy answer to some disturbing chronic health issues.

We invite you to practice a green living with us. Our thrust and your understanding make our believe happen.





 -  推廣以中醫藥為基礎的飲食療法


 -  綠色地球,綠色生活


 -  通過食物探索不同的文化


 -  支持藝術和文化活動



Green at Heart 始於2007年,從2008年至2016年,我們在九龍灣國際貿易展覽中心(KITEC)和元朗錦繡花園設有兩家零售店。我們從美國和台灣進口各種有機食品和天然食品。 自2016年以來,我們專注於進口經過認證的有機新鮮水果和蔬菜,例如番茄,甜菜根,胡蘿蔔,來自荷蘭的洋蔥,南瓜,橙子,檸檬,來自西班牙的地瓜,蘋果,血橙,來自意大利的獼猴桃,生薑,來自秘魯的香蕉,總計超過40種。