How to keep the fresh produces


 -  Usually the fresh produce is half ripe, most items can be kept in an airy environment at ambient

     temperature TO ALLOW RIPING for flavours, aroma and sweetness.  If kept in the fridge the cold

     temperature slows down the ripening and if too cold would stop the ripening or even kill the


 -  If you want to prolong the shelf life after ripping, keep in the fridge at around 10 degree Celsius.

 -  Items can be kept ambient – orange, apple, lemon, pear, banana, tomato, avocado and most hard

     vegetables etc

 -  Items must be kept in the fridge – beetroot, carrots otherwise they become soft, wrinkled, brown.

How to eat best


 -   To maintain the flavors, aroma it is best to eat raw as salad, juice, dressing, sauce etc

 -   Cook as little as possible as some flavors and most aroma is lost during cooking.  Try to eat raw

      first to taste the flavors and aroma and eat cooked to find out the big difference.

 -   Steaming may be the best cooking way to keep the flavor and aroma rather intact.