Organic Certifications


All our fresh produces are organic-certified by one or more of the following organic certifications


All our fresh produces are organic and come from:

     China – garlic

     Chile – blueberry

     Dominican Republic - banana

     Greece – kiwi

     Holland – red and yellow onions, carrots, mushrooms, tomato etc

     Italy – blood orange, apple etc

     Ivory Coast – pineapple, coconut

     Mexico – lime

     Peru – ginger, mango, pomegranate

     Spain – Clementine, orange, tomato, avocado, shallot etc


Please note some items may come from different countries depending on seasons and availability.

E.g. round tomato and cherry tomato from Holland or Spain, blueberry from Chile or Holland or Spain, kiwi from Italy or Greece. 

We will update this information on our website as much as possible.