Green Apple- Organic 青蘋果 (400g)

Green Apple- Organic 青蘋果 (400g)

  • Product Description 產品資料

    Green apple is a bit sour than normal red apple but rich in vitamin K which is good for heal blood clots.

    There might be slight variation of +/-10% in product. The above image is for reference only. Actual product may vary.

    青蘋果比正常的紅蘋果有點酸,但富含維生素K,可治愈血塊。產品重量可能有+/- 10%差距。 以上圖片只供參考,所有農作物以實物為準。

  • Freshness 新鮮度

    Please keep in fridge and consume it as soon as possible.

    請放於雪櫃內保存,並盡快食用 。

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  • Weight 重量